How to link Google+ page to your website

Webmasters are excited with the announcement of Google+ pages for business. Like many others, I too went ahead and created few webpages for my websites. But how does Google figure out which is the official Google+ Page of your website? Learn how to connect your Google+ Page to your website and let Google know about it.

When I wake up, the first thing I do everyday is, give a notice to my kids to wake and get ready for school. Then I will walk to my laptop, open up the Inbox and glance through the mails and then walk back to the kids to give the second call to wake up. Next one in the list is to glance through the latest news and go back to the kids screaming "it's late for the bus". But everything messed up today when I saw the news about release of Google+ pages by Google. Kids missed the bus and I ended up driving to the school, wasting about an hour in the traffic.

The first thing I did when I saw the announcement of Google+ Pages was, creating few Google+ pages for my websites. After I created a few, Google warned me that I need to verify my account before I could proceed further. I gave my phone number, Google sent me an SMS with a verification code and that part was done.

I created Google+ pages for many of my websites and then later found many others already created similar pages and some of them closely match the theme of my websites.

So, now the confusion is, how will Google figure out which is the official Page of my website?

I decided to slow down a bit and decided to do more research before I go ahead and create several pages in Google+.

Eventually I found relevant information from Google on how to link the Google+ Pages to the websites. If you own a website, it is a good idea to create a Google+ Page and link the Google+ Page to your website. Google+ Pages can impact SEO and drive traffic to your web pages.

How to link Google+ pages to your websites

Building Google+ Pages to your websites is a 2-way process. Your Google+ Page should show which is your website and your website should show which is your Google+ Page. This will make sure the Google+ Page is connected to the right website and the Website is mapped to the right Google+ Page.

Take a look at the above picture. It shows the association between the Google+ Page and the website. To connect your website to the Google+ Page and vice versa, you need to provide links to each other, using some special meta tags.

Step 1: Link from your website to your Google+ Page
In this step, you must add a link from your website to your Google+ Page and should include the attribute rel="publisher" in the hyperlink to the Google+ page. You may have multiple hyperlinks in your website pointing to different webpages in your site or other sites, but the rel="publisher" tag tells that the linked Page is the official publisher Page of the website.


<a rel="publisher" href="">
Find ThougthsFromGeeks on Google+</a>

You can use any anchor text in the above URL to link from your website to your Google+ Page. The only requirement is, you should have rel="publisher" in the hyperlink. Instead of a text link, you may optionally create a Google Badge and use it to associate your website to your Google+ Page.

Step 2: Link from your Google+ Page to your website
Google is looking for the 2-way linking to confirm the official page of the websites. Obviously, Google do not want you to link to the Google+ Page of someone else and then claim it as your Google+ Page, right?

This step requires you to add a link from Google+ page to your website, which will confirm the association between the Google+ Page and the website.

You may create any html link from your Google+ Page to your website. It could be embedded as a text link in your Google+Page description as shown below:


This is the official Google+ Page of To learn more about us, visit our website <a href=''></a>

Test the connection between Google+ Page and the website

Once you implement the mutual links in your Google+ Page and the website, you can test the implementation using the Rich Snippet testing tool from Google. Type the url of your website in the testing tool and see the results. If everything was done correctly, you will see a message like this:

NOTE: You cannot use both rel='author' and rel='publisher' markups at the same time. Google allows only of those tags. I wish Google would change this rule in the near future and allow us to use both Author and Publisher information.

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