Skateboard buyer's guide and price list: where to buy in India

This article summarizes the basic anatomy of a skateboard, where to buy the skateboards in India and the different gears required for skateboarding. The article is also the beginner's guide to mounting and dismounting a skateboard and it aims at encouraging the sport of skateboarding in India.

Being one of the rarest sports in India, beginner skateboarders get confused on how to buy a skateboard. Usually the skateboard is like a child to a father. There you not only buy a skateboard but you are also supposed to take care of your instrument by lubricating the axles and tightening the bolts which have got loose on wear and tear. And for that, any skateboarder must be aware of the anatomy and the basic repairing guide of a skateboard. In the following lines, you will find the anatomy of a skateboard and how to put together a skateboard.

Anatomy of a skateboard(Parts of a skateboard)

The skateboard is made up of the following basic components:
Skatersboard basic components
Deck of the skateboard: This part is the basic board on which the skateboarder mounts. It is usually made up of hardwood Maple or any other hard wood. There are 7-9 thin sheets (called ply) of the wood glued together to form a thick board. The deck of the skateboard has a slightly fatter nose and a slightly thinner tail for proper aerodynamics. On the bottom of the deck the mounting parts are found, where the base of the wheel (called trucks) are attached.

Griptape of the skateboard: The griptape of the skateboard is the tape which is a sheet of rough material glued on both the surfaces of the board so as to ensure perfect grip and total control to the player. The griptapes are found in different designs and colors according to the boarder's choice.

Truck of the skateboard: This part contains the baseplate, the hanger (which is a cylinder which holds the axle), the axle which runs to the either side of the hanger, the king pin four wheels are attached. The axles are held together with a king pin and it connects the two wheels on the either side. There are 2 brushes which are donut shaped and are inserted into each side of the king pin of a truck. The truck is attached to the board with the help of baseplate. The wheels are attached to the axle and contain their own subparts namely the bearings, which ensures less friction and less wear and tear but it also needs to be adequately lubricated for optimum performance. One thing that should be kept in mind while buying custom truck parts is that, each truck part is brand specific. For example a hanger of a specific brand is not compatible with the baseplate or axle of another brand.

Hardware for skateboards: The basic hardware consists of a set of 8 bolts and 8 nuts and since a skateboard is completely dis mountable, the different parts of the skateboard can be mounted using the nuts and bolts. The size of the nuts and bolts depends of the set of truck parts that are bought and are independent from each other.

Skateboards price in India

The price of skateboards in India starts from Rs 799 (small sized, 24 X 6 inches) and ranges to Rs 1099 (large size 31 X 8 inches). The price mentioned is for the brand Kamachi, from Japan and are the cheapest available in India. There are other skateboard brands which are available in sport shops around India. Some of the International skateboard brands available in India are ELEMENT, FLIP and ZERO which brag about their superior quality and their fame amongst the international skateboard professionals. The price of these international brands start from Rs 2000 and ranges to Rs 9000 on the choice of hardware and trucks.

Where to buy skateboards in India

In India various local sports shop take orders for skateboards, but there are not many shops which have a decent stock on skateboarding merchandise other than the well known ones in the metropolitan such as Mumbai, Kolkata, New Delhi and Bangalore. There are several online sites that offers skateboarding merchandise in India such as eBay India and OLX.

Additional gear for skateboards

Other than the skateboard, since it is a very dangerous sport if performed in the wrong way, there are several gears for skateboarding. It contains knee guards, elbow guards, wrist bands and helmets which should always be worn during any sport activity involving skating and skateboards.

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