Gastric bypass - An effective treatment of obesity and diabetes

Obesity is considered as major cause behind diabetes mellitus. Obesity is caused due to overeating mainly. Certain people suffer from habit of overeating and this is because of increased size of their stomach. A surical intervention in order to decrease the size of stomach can be effective in controlling overeating and hence the obesity and diabetes as well.

One of the most significant reasons listed as the root cause of Diabetes includes obesity. According to the opinion of doctors, an overweight person is more prone to diabetes comparable to a person with normal body weight. People who are extremely obese, their weight increases manifolds. Thus the only way left out for curing their diabetes is a gastric surgery. A gastric surgery is involves stitching up a small portion of the stomach of the person concerned. Its advantage is that it reduces the amount of food intake of the individual.Thus it is understood that a reduction in food intake will ultimately lead to a reduction in weight. It has been found according to recent researches that the weight loss which occurs due to the gastric surgery can remarkably control type 2 diabetes.

People all over the globe are also of the opinion that some kind of hormonal change takes place during a gastric surgery. These changes help in controlling the level of existing glucose in the bloodstream. Bit this is not the obvious reason. The weight loss that occurs during the first six months of the surgery definitely leads to diabetes control. It is interesting to note that the metabolic impact this surgery showcases play a vital role in controlling this diabetes. Doctors conducted a number of studies on the patients who were listed as obese and suffering from diabetes mellitus too. It was seen that all the patients who had undergone a gastric surgery showed a rapid improvement in their blood sugar level. The drugs they were using were also reduced. But those people who had reduced their overall weight considerable were able to establish a full control over diabetes.

Gastric Bypass is successful in Diabetic patients with very high BMI

Gastric bypass has been successively practiced over patients suffering from diabetes. It is thus not a bad option to go for a gastric bypass for curing diabetes. Many kinds of medications are available for curing diabetes these days. Patients undergoing a gastric by-pass have to take care of their weight as well. As the amount of food taken deliberately gets reduces after such a surgery a weight loss is automatically seen. Impacts of such a surgery are though good, but sometimes it may prove disadvantageous as well if not handled with care. Gastric bypass is mainly done when your overall mass index condition of your body is more than forty. It is done when no other option is left for saving your life. The gastric bypass makes your stomach a little smaller in its actual size and thus leads to a lowering in the weight as now you will not be able to take large intakes in your daily diet as the space for your food has been lessened. This treatment proves fruitful after at least six months of the surgery in severe diabetes.

These works showed that the person who had lost their weight in the first three weeks of surgery showed an immediate control over diabetes. Apart from this, the hormonal changes also play a significant role in controlling diabetes. If a person loses weight in the initial stage, it doesn't mean that he can quit taking medication after surgery. Researches are being conducted worldwide to have a control over weight immediately after the surgery.

To concludes; finally, obesity is one of the key factors leading to diabetes. Preventing a diseased condition is better than curing it, prevention it, thus it is better to keep a check over the overall weight of your body from time to time if you are suffering from diabetes, so that your blood sugar level remains constant and you do not experience worse diabetic conditions.


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