Coffee intake can reduce blood sugar and risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Most of us like drinking coffee wouldn't it be wonderful if it could prevent diabetes. Recent researches have suggested that coffee can inhibit the polypeptide responsible for the cause of diabetes. Caffeine contains the anti-diabetic compounds that can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes is a metabolic disease occurring in a large number of people. In this disease, a person suffers from high blood sugar. This problem occurs when the person's body does not produce insulin or the cells of the body do not respond to the insulin produced in the body. The scientific name for diabetes is "Diabetes mellitus."

Some of the symptoms of diabetes Type 2 symptoms are:-

• Polyuria( you go for frequent urination)
• Polydipsia (thirst is increased)
• Polyphagia (you feel hungry many times in a day)

Coffee- the cure of diabetes

Earlier it was a myth that taking over amount of coffee leads to health problems, so it should be avoided. Coffee was a total "NO" for patients and maximum 2 to 3 cups allowed to a normal person. With subsequent experiments, healing properties of coffee has been highlighted. Still there are researches going on impact of coffee on Diabetes, it has been noticed that coffee has therapeutic properties to cure diabetes. Many experiments have been conducted, and successful results are obtained.

One of the experiments done with coffee revealed that people taking 4 or more cups of coffee has a low risk of diabetes as compared to those who don't drink coffee.

These experiments were done on mice, those who were given daily doses of coffee had remarkable changes, and they showed improvement. Coffee restricted the development of high blood sugar and finally the sensitivity of insulin in mice was improved. The coffee causes beneficial changes in fatty liver & inflammatory adipocytokines. Diabetes 2 can have some hope on the coffee. There had been fast re-growth of health and reduced level of diabetes 2 in the bodies of mice.

Daily intake of coffee reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes by 50 percent. It has been found that human islet amyloid polypeptide (hIAPP) is the cause of diabetes 2. It is said that compound present in coffee, caffeine is one of the factors that inhibit the development of diabetes in the body. Caffeine contains anti-diabetic compounds that are useful for diabetic control.

Effect of coffee in reducing diabetes

About 1,26,000 people were asked about their coffee habits, it was a long time survey of 18 years.
Wonderful results were found from this research-

• People who took one to three cups coffee daily had reduced their diabetic risk.
• People drinking 6 or more cups of coffee daily, were more fit;

For men, 54 % of the diabetes reduced in men.
For women, 30% of the diabetes got reduced.

Another result showed that people that were coffee drinkers or are presently drinking coffee has reduced 60% of the diabetic risk.

How much coffee is needed in preventing diabetes?

  • It is not that you have to start taking six or more cups of coffee from the first day itself. First, you have to start with two cups and gradually increase it.

  • The constituents of your coffee should be checked, as if you should avoid excessive intake of sugar, use of sugar free powder or tablets is better be preferred. Do use a limited amount of cream.

  • Daily light exercises will also help to improve your health.

  • Right sleeping habits avoids diabetes, do some quick walk after to have coffee.

  • How useful is the Decaffeinated Coffee in reducing type 2 diabetes symptoms?

    Research said that caffeine is responsible for reducing the diabetes risk to some extent. Observation was kept on the people who drank Decaffeinated Coffee, the result was same as those who drank caffeinated coffee, and it certainly proves that there is some other substance responsible for the treatment of diabetes. However, researches are still going on, but you have to take care of yourself in preventing diabetes.

    If you are prone to diabetes, prefer coffee to the required amount and follow a healthy lifestyle habits, because unhealthy eating habits and wrong lifestyle are one of the factors of type 2 diabetes.


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