Easy hairstyles for business women and office ladies with short hairs

Home, office, kids - life is real tough for the working women. While on the run, which hairstyles for business women and working office ladies with short hairs are the best? Find out some great hairstyle ideas for working women with short hairs in this article!

When it comes to hairstyles for business women and working ladies with short hair, they are already one step ahead. While longer hairs are comparatively difficult to manage and maintain, you have already hit the bull's eye by cutting it short. The myth of archetypal long hairs as women's beauty secret has long been outdated, and today's working women prefer convenience over beautification. In fact, clean hair is the basic of a beautiful hairstyle and that's why I personally prefer short hairstyles for business women to longer ones, since they are easy to clean and care.

A busy day in the office or roads means you are going to gather loads of dust and other particles in your hair, enough to damage it and spoil its looks. Therefore when it comes to hairstyles for business women and corporate office ladies the ease of taking care and the convenience of carrying off are the first things to consider.

Hairstyles for business women, at the same, must also be stylish. Your hairstyle is a reflection of your persona, and that is a very important thing to remember. The perfect hairstyles for business women and working ladies in office can get them some advantage over their competitors including getting an assignment, slipping through an interview, or getting the project approved. Moreover, if you are the boss, you must have the aura of self confidence around you to generate a sense of respect among your employees. And a great hairstyle comes handy here for business women and corporate ladies, even with short hairs. Some women still feel bad when compromised to have shorter hairs. Well, it is time to destabilize the mythical association of beautiful women with longer hairs - a whole lot of successful and glamorous business women with shorter hairs have shined in the recent times!

Let us now take a look at a few great hairstyle ideas for business women and working ladies with short hairs. If you have a long or medium hair, take a look at hairstyles for business women with longer hairs.

Hairstyle ideas for corporate business women with short hairs

With short hairstyles for business women and corporate working ladies, there is a basic thing to be taken care of. Short hair is good for business women hairstyles, but it must be in the right shape always. If slightly longer hairs grow a bit more, they don't make a significant difference in the look. In case of business women hairstyles with short hairs, you must trim your hair at regular intervals to keep it in shape and not untidy.

Boys' cut or spikes make great business women hairstyles with short hair

Anu Aga, leading Indian business woman, in short hairstyle Among business women hairstyles with shorter hairs, the boys' cut or spikes are perhaps the most popular. This is a look that fits almost all ethnicities, especially if you have an angular face. The greatest thing about a boys' cut is it is perhaps the easiest hairstyle for business women and corporate ladies to handle and carry off in their rush hours. With skirt-blouses, or formal business suits, this can really give you the aura of confidence we just talked about. Spikes look greatest with blond hair black hairs, but you can try it for other hair colors as well. Having spike doesn't mean you need to dress like the lead singer of a metal band, but some gentle spikes can always add to your looks. Ask your hairdresser for it, and maintain it with hair gels after combing. The picture here shows one of the richest female entrepreneurs of India as well as the notable social worker, Anu Aga, in short hairs.

Side parting on a smooth hair is truly elegant business women hairstyle

Short business women hairstyle of Ellen Kullman, CEO of Dupont The short hair with side parting as a handy hairstyle for corporate business women is widely preferred due to its ease of manage. Simpler to make and maintain than spikes, the side parting hairstyle can take business women beyond the vistas of fashion statements. At its best, this hairstyle is smooth, silky, sleek, and sombre. The neat and clear outline expresses an exclusive and fashionable that goes well with corporate business women and working ladies. To do it, part your hairs as you want them to be while combing, and blow the ends dry. Use some hair gel to keep your hair in place so that they don't get messy or fall flat. In the picture here we can see Ellen Kullman, the CEO of DuPont, in a typical side parting hairstyle. This is also a hairstyle which suits almost any hair color like blond, black or brown, as well as most of the ethnicities. However, if you go for this look, you need to keep your hair clean and shining always by shampooing and conditioning it regularly or it might look messy.

Bob cut can be a perfect hairstyle for business women with short hairs

Short bob cut hairstyle for business woman Carol Bartz, CEO, Yahoo Having a history beyond the 20th century, the bob cut was popularized by the film actresses Louise Brooks and Colleen Moore in the early 1920s, and was seen as a metaphor for women liberation from the staunch Victorian male chauvinism of the 19th century. In the 1960s it came into vogue once more, with Mary Quant, Nancy Kwan, Beverly Bivens Carolyn Jones, Barbara Feldon and many more. Of late, the bob cut seems to back in fashion once more and can make up a bold and beautiful hairstyle for business women and corporate office ladies. However, in the recent times the bob has evolved a lot from its early days of sharp edges and fringes. In this picture you see the Yahoo! CEO Carol Bartz in her short hair which is quite akin to a bob cut. The bob cut goes great with formal office suits as well as skirts and blouses, and is a great option for women having nearly round faces. Experiment with the length of the hair and the fringes to find out what makes you look best!

A note before I conclude. Business women hairstyles for short hairs require regular haircuts to avoid looking untidy. If you think you cannot spend time to have a cut a week, you can consider having longer hairs. They will need more time to cleanse and comb, but you won't need a haircut as frequently as for shorter hairs!


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