How to care and fix an artificial acrylic nail?

Acrylic nails, a common type of artificial nails are used in different parts of the world. Here you will get informations like advantages, disadvantages, fixing procedure and price of acrylic nails. Read this article to know more about acrylic nail extensions before you use it.

By going through nail extensions, I know you got a common fact regarding the advantages, disadvantages and care needed if you use an artificial nail. I have also mentioned that there are two types of nail extensions, namely the acrylic nail extension and the gel nail extensions respectively. This article gives you important information regarding the acrylic nail extensions. In simple terms remember that Acrylic nail extensions are the common type of nail extensions or artificial nails. Fred Slack, a dentist in Philadelphia was the first to use acryl as a nail extension material in the year 1954.

What are acrylic nail extensions?

Acrylic or artificial nails
Actually acrylic nail extensions are the common type of nail extension or artificial nails that mainly uses an acrylic which can be applied over the nail tip. It should be noted that those acrylics used by nail technicians are specifically designed for nail usage. Actually these acrylic nail products are characterized by a monomer (liquid) and a polymer (powder).

Types of acrylic nail extensions

Different shapes of acrylic nail extensions include
•Bitten round
•Rounded oval

Advantages, Disadvantages and Price of acrylic nail extension

Acrylic nail extensions price vary from $40 - $150. Acrylic nails are safe cosmetic enhancement. If you are using this acrylic nails for a long time, you will notice a slight discoloration of the natural nails. Infection is another problem that is caused by acrylic nail extensions. In some cases you may have noticed a gap between the acrylic nail and natural nail. It should be noted that if this acrylic nail is jarred, it causes the separation of acrylic nails from natural nails. In such cases infections occur and must be evaluated by a doctor. The components of acrylic nails may also cause allergic reactions to some persons, which in turn must be consulted by a doctor. Moreover some of the ingredients of this acrylic nails are highly flammable and so care must be taken to keep them at a distance from heat and flames.

How to fix an acrylic nail extension?

I know by going through the above points, you may be thinking about the fixing of an acrylic artificial nails. Remember that before getting your artificial nails fixed, you have to get a proper manicure. So if you are visiting a nail salon, the technician will dry your fingers and base nail thoroughly and will apply the nail prep so as to remove any moisture or oil present in the natural nail base. After that the perfect tip that would fit best on the natural base will be selected by the technician. Then after the application of primer, which soon gets dried, the acrylic nail is fixed. Most people may be wondering about the natural look of those acrylic artificial nails. It should be noted that after those acrylic artificial nails are fixed on the natural nails, the technician will blend and shape them to get a natural look. Fixing process of artificial nails

Care needed while using an acrylic nail extension

After reading this article upto this point, I think you got some important information regarding acrylic nail extensions. Now you may be searching for how to take care off an acrylic nail? When you are doing a household work, you must wear gloves in order to give a protection for acrylic nails. You must use a pencil for dialing the telephone. Never try to open cans using this acrylic artificial nails. Another important fact is that the length of the acrylic nails should suit your life style. Don't remove the acrylic nails yourself. Call a nail technician, who will remove them for you or will explain you how to remove them yourself. Never try to use cuticle oil or hand lotion that contain mineral oil. If you see an abnormal condition developing around your nails, don't ignore it and call the nail technician as soon as possible. Next fact is that if you see a breakage in your acrylic nail or it begins to lift, make sure to glue it until your next appointment with nail technician. You must not trap moisture between lifting acrylic coating and the nail. For home care acrylic nails, you must use a non-acetone varnish remover, bas coat, top coat, cuticle oil, buffer, colored nail varnish and a file for re-shaping. While having this acrylic nails, never try to put upward pressure on your finger tips and nails.

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