Best yoga and exercises recommended for IT professionals

IT professionals are sitting long hours in front of computer cause stress around eyes, shoulder, spinal cord region. Doing simple types of yoga will keep fit.Here some simple but effective yogas are recommended for IT professionals and even for other person having sedentary lifestyle.

All IT professionals travel towards luxury and sophistication, spend their day working at the computers their health risks grow as day's pass on. This leaves very little or no scope for any physical activity and this can spell doom as far as health of these professionals is concerned. Long hours in front of the computer can cause stress around the eyes and also in the shoulder and spinal cord region leaving one tired. And all these in the long run make these people vulnerable to some serious ailments. If a normal day in office means 8 hours in front of the computer it is important that you get some regular exercise. And the best bet for you is yoga.

Some Exercises for IT People

Sitting in front of the computer at a stretch for hours can have adverse effect on your eyes. Therefore you need to perform some simple types of yoga to keep up fitness and eye exercise to maintain eye ball in good shape.

Eye Exercise

• Sit comfortably on a chair with your eyes wide open. Blink 10 times repeatedly on a wall that is 5 feet away from you or at the roof to bring back the nourishment to the dried eyes. This will relax your eyes well and helps keeping your eyes under good nourished condition. Close your eyes for 10 seconds. Perform this blinking exercise 5-10 times with equal intervals every one or half an hour.

• Eye exercise is more essential to avoid certain easily acquired eye defects. Rotating your eyes in circular movement, move up and down and along certain signs of plus, minus and multiplication. You can have your hands supporting this exercise by placing both the thumb closer facing you and making movements of the hands up to down, right to left and so on. This helps not only the eyes to be in condition but also helps to relieve shoulder stress.

Eye Relaxation

• Rub your palms and keep them on your eyes. Give comfortable warmth over your eyelids till the warm reached deep inside that relaxed stressed eyes. This will relieve stress from eye muscles and relieves tiredness instantly thus retaining your eyesight under normal, good condition.
• Wet two cotton balls in cold water, drain off the water and keep the pad over your eyelids and rest for ten min till the chillness enters into your eyes. This makes your eyes fresh and brings back the eye energy after a long day work in front of computers.

Body Exercise
• To perform the shoulder and arm exercises try yoga for back pain, sit comfortably on a chair with your hands stretched at your shoulder level. Next, move your shoulders in circles. Then you will have to clench your fist, place them on your shoulder and gradually rotate your arms in the clockwise direction first and then anticlockwise direction. You must repeat this exercise 10 times. This will help in relieving the stress from your arms, elbows and shoulders.

• Try neck exercises such as rotating of your head clockwise and anticlockwise, up and down and from left to right side on 3 to 5 counts making 2 sets on periodically. This makes your neck and shoulders free from stress and keeps up good muscle strength from wear and tear of muscles and tissues at your lower neck.

• Sit erect on you chair, twist your body to see back towards right side and the same way towards left side. This makes your body flexible avoiding the spin and back pain at once. Sit erect over your computer chairs in the right position to help you maintain a good spin posture to avoid lower back pain.


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I still regularly practice yoga, it's really good for your health

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