Tips for how to do pedicure at home yourself - home foot care process beginners

How to have healthy feet, free from cuts, rough surface, dryness, corns, and cracked heels? By taking good foot care. Taking foot care is not synonymous to spend lavishly at pedicure salons. Doing pedicure at home is easy, and fun. Let me help you know how to do pedicure at home yourself in this step by step beginners guide for home pedicure.

How to do pedicure at home is one of the commonest queries of my clients and made me write this article on home foot care tips, and process of doing pedicure at home. Staying updated with latest trends in fashion is necessary in today's world, but that does not suffice all. Only trendy and fashionable clothes or accessories don't ensure attractive looks. Personal hygiene is a key thing.

I mean, would you ever admire a person's looks if he or she happens to have dirty nails and feet with thick dead skin and cracked heels? It is not always possible to afford professional pedicure at pedicure salons or beauty salons for foot care problems. If you know how to do pedicure at home yourself, you rock!

Let's see how to take care of feet at home. Here in this home pedicure beginners guide, we will talk about tips on foot massage and foot care techniques, pedicure tools kit and how to use them, best pedicure tool kit brands, and more. Let's begin with some important nail care products, some of which might already be at your precious possessions. If you don't have them, don't worry, you can always buy best branded home pedicure tools kit online from several web stores.

What pedicure tools kits or nail care products are required for home pedicure?

Let us take a look at tool kits needed to do pedicure at home. Some of the nail and foot care products you are going to need for doing home pedicure are nail cutter, nail file, cuticle pusher, nail brush, pumice stone, foot scrapper, enamel remove, cotton wool, moisturizer and a nail polish. What you need to do before doing pedicure at home on own is to remove your old enamel from your toenails with enamel remover or nail polish remover with cotton wool. Now you are ready to do pedicure at home yourself.

How to remove dead skins from your cracked heels?

Beautiful feet care for women The very first step of pedicure is to remove the dead foot skin. Soak your feet in a basin with slightly hot water, as hot as you bear. This will soothes and soften your skin, so that it allows you to remove the dirt and the dead skin easily. You could use a foot file or a pumice stone as well for this and gently rub your skin and rinse off. Now take the nail brush and scrub your feet and nails. Then don't forget to scrub your underneath toenails as this the place where bacteria hides.

Many ask, is it possible to get instant relief from aches and pains by doing pedicure? The answer is a big yes. Pedicure helps a lot in aches and pains. The next step in your pedicure treatment is to soak your feet for about 10 to 20 minutes in a basin of warm water added with 1 tablespoon of Epsom salt. Epsom salt is used to give instant relieves from foot aches and muscle pains. Also, when you soak your feet for a longer period means, you can see some wrinkling effect, so here Epsom salts comes in handy to avoid your skin from wrinkling. You can read your favorite magazine or watch out for your favorite TV program or listen to music while soaking your feet during a pedicure which will be really a relaxing experience.

How to avoid feet odor due to sweating?

Why not? Pedicure is a good home remedy for feet odor. If you suffer from feet odor due to sweating problems, while doing pedicure, you can also add any of the listed essential oils like lemon grass oil, eucalyptus oil or lavender oil, which overcomes feet odor and it gives you relaxation effect due its aroma. So give it a try in your foot soaks and see the result by yourself.

How to groom the nails while doing pedicure at home?

Grooming nails is the next step in home pedicure. Dry your feet with a clean fluffy towel, especially between your toes. Use a safety nail clipper to trim the nails of your toes and in order to avoid ingrown toenails, cut your nails straight across the tip above the skin. With an emery boards choose the coarser side to shape the corners and then take the finer grade side to smooth the nail edges.

How to moisturize feet and how to choose the best foot cream for massage while doing pedicure at home?

Next step in pedicure is to moisturize your foot and do some foot massage to have a soothing foot. Apply a good moisturizer of your choice or buy a rich foot skin cream which is available in all leading foot care accessories shops and massage or gently rub it all over your foot and ankle. Choosing the right foot cream is quite important. Before buying any foot creams, just go in for best foot creams available in market for massaging and check out for natural ingredients like shear butter, aloe, avocado, jojoba oil, cocoa butter, grape seed oil - as all these ingredients helps to soften the skin.

How to apply nail polish on toes?

Now you have done your pedicure at home all by yourself and now you are ready to show off your beautiful toes to your friends, and I think, it would add more attractive if those toes have nail polish. Before applying nail polish on toes take care to remove the extra lotion or cream from your nails. It is very easy to apply nail polish to your toes all by yourself at home. Use cotton wool or toe separator in between your toes to avoid getting nail polish on the toes next to each other. Choose your choice of nail polish color that could match your outfit or to match your finger nails. But choose the colour that reflects your personality. First use a basecoat for smooth surface for your polish. Then use three strokes method. Begin from the middle of the nail with one quick stroke, then one on each side. Then after a while apply a second coat the same way as you did earlier. Allow some time to dry. Then now apply a quick drying top coat which serves to protect and preserve the nail polish while giving gloss shine to your nails. Allow it to dry and wait for 30 minutes before wearing your sandals.

How to maintain my feet everyday?

Use moisturizer or foot cream before you go to bed and cover your feet with some socks. On morning, you will find your feet free from dryness and looks so soft. And do your home based pedicure treatment once a month or twice a month according to your need. Remember, everyday feet care is the one of the best pedicure tips.

There are some sayings like take care of feet as you take care of your face. They are romanticized, but true. Take care of your feet, and they'll take care of you.

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