Lipstick Drawing Techniques: How to apply lipsticks for beautiful lips?

Everyone uses lipsticks for more beautiful lips, but few actually know how to use lipsticks best. Here are some great lipstick drawing techniques for you, using lip liners and lip balms. Lipsticks can also be used as blush, gloss, and eye liners or eye shadows. Keep reading!

How to apply lipsticks for beautiful lips is a major problem that most of the women are facing. Among the beauty care products, lipsticks play an important role. Women are always familiar with this fact. Whenever they get a chance to visit the beauty care products in market stores, majority of them visit the lipstick section. Lipstick is a beauty care product having much importance when compared to other beauty products. In simple terms we can say that lipstick is a cosmetic product. Women are fond of this product as it gives color and textures to your lips. It is interesting to note that from the ancient time itself, lipsticks were used by women. We all know the fact that this product will brighten your face. But we don't want this lipstick to get into contact with our teeth. Here you will get information regarding how to apply lipsticks properly on your lips. For this, the makeup kit includes lip liner, lip balm, lipstick and a facial tissue. Now get ready to use lipstick.

How to apply lipsticks

How to apply lip balm?

Lip balm is also known as lip salve. Actually this is a wax like substance that was first marketed in the 1880s. You can apply this lip balm to your lips either by the finger or by the lipstick-style tube from which it can be directly applied. Use lip balm to dot your lip so that this will smoothen them and help you to give an even application of lipstick. In the next step lip liner should be used.

Lip liner using techniques

Here you have to be a little careful. You have to select a color that perfectly matches your lips. Remember that when you use a lip pencil, you must dot it at various points along the outline of your lips. After that, use lip liner to connect the dots. In simple terms we can say that lip liner is a cosmetic product that is used to outline the lips thereby keeping lipstick inside the lip area and preventing it from bleeding. Lip liner is available in the market in the pencil form.

How to use lipsticks?

I think by reading this article up to this point you got the important information that we have to apply lip balm and lip liner before a lipstick is applied. When you use a lipstick, you have to apply color by starting at the centre of the upper lip. Then you must move it outward towards one corner and by bringing back the lipstick towards the centre, repeat the process towards the other corner. Same process should be repeated with the lower lips. Now you have to blot your lips using a facial tissue.

Tips for using facial tissue

In the last step, you have to blot your lips using a facial tissue, which is folded in half. Do you know why we need to blot our lips after applying lipsticks? This is mainly done to keep the lipstick lasts longer and to keep it off from your teeth. Some women may be thinking of the fact that how can we blot our lips using a facial tissue? The process is simple. First you have to fold the facial tissues into two halves. Then hold the folded facial tissue in two hands with the fold facing towards you. After that, bring the facial tissue between your lips and press your lips gently and release. Usually after using these lipsticks, you will get an impression that your lips are attractive.

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