Mineral Makeup at home an eco friendly makeup guide to look beautiful in a natural way

Looking for eco friendly makeup made with natural products? Try Mineral Makeup which is good for sensitive and all types of skins. Learn how to apply Mineral Makeup at home, ingredients, benefits, and how to choose the foundation, shades, best brand in mineral makeup to buy and lot more.

Makeup is essential in enhancing the beauty while hiding the flaws that you might have. But doing so, do you get that natural look and does it suits your skin condition without any irritation or skin problems? Eco friendly makeup products puts aside all the problems, as it comes with natural ingredients. Let's discuss about chemical-free, all natural ingredients, eco friendly makeup - which has taken the beauty world by storm, is none other than Mineral Makeup. What is so special about this? Why it is preferred? What are the leading brands in Mineral Makeup? How to do at home? Is it 100% safe on skin? Hope these are the questions comes to your mind when you hear on Mineral Makeup. Let me answer you one by one.

Why to go for eco friendly makeup products

Eco friendly makeup products are free from chemicals which causes allergic and chemical reactions. During the manufacturing process, the eco friendly makeup products produces less toxins and pollutants which makes the air cleaner and also the packaging involved is biodegradable. Ingredients used in eco friendly makeup products is more user friendly, I mean which is suitable for almost all types of skins. Now let's see in detail about the eco friendly mineral makeup which is better for your skin, your health and the environment.

Know what is mineral makeup, ingredients and its benefits on skin

Mineral makeup is made of mineral pigments which exists in nature are finely granulated and sterilized to fine powder and it contains organic plant extracts. It is so natural and contains vitamin A and E for better skin protection. They do not contain any ingredients which cause skin irritations due to fragrances, preservatives, alcohol, dyes, chemicals and so on. It is lightweight to wear and stays on all day long and looks much more natural than any other makeup. Be aware that any cosmetic company can claim that their products are mineral based. But it is up to you to buy the safe and quality product. How to know that the makeup is really mineral based?

Well, if you want the real thing, be extra careful when buying makeup products and read the ingredients listings on the label. Fewer the ingredients, better the product will be. The mineral makeup should have small ingredient list as few as four or five and up to seven . Have a look at the ingredients of mineral makeup and its benefits which helps you to get the best one that suits your skin.
  • Zinc oxide - The topmost ingredient in mineral makeup which offers protection from harmful UVA/UVB rays. Zinc oxide is a desirable ingredient as it provides soothing effect to the skin and even women with rosacea, eczema, acne-prone and sensitive skins will find mineral makeup free from irritation.

  • Titanium dioxide - An useful sunscreen ingredient to prevent the ultraviolet radiation and gives protection to the skin and acts as a natural concealer for blemishes and it helps the skin breathe. It gives you healthy fresh look.

  • Mica - You can find this ingredient from foundations to eye shadows. It gives radiant glow to your skin and when this ingredient is mixed with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, provides natural coverage for blemishes and used to hide other flaws on your skin.

  • Iron oxides - Moisture resistant ingredient used in eye shadows, blushes and lipsticks will give you a flawless look and is safe on sensitive skin types too.

  • Bismuth oxychloride - It gives satin radiance and smooth texture to the skin by covering the fine lines and wrinkles. But it might cause itching and irritation to women with sensitive skin. So before you buy the product which has this ingredient, better to do a patch test with the sample available in the store.

What are the leading brands in Mineral Makeup

Apart from the ingredients mentioned above, some companies do comes with their own version of mineral makeup with added vitamins and sunscreen ingredients. So here are the recommended brands to look for while choosing mineral makeup.

Top brands in Mineral Makeup
  • Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals Makeup
  • Colorscience Mineral Makeup
  • Mineral Hygienics Mineral Makeup
  • Jane Iredale Mineral Cosmetics
  • Avon Mineral Makeup

Tips on how to do mineral makeup at home

Let me share some basic principles of how to apply mineral makeup at home.

Step One: Cleanse and moisturize your face
Cleanse your face with appropriate facial cleansers to get ready to try your art on the face! If you have acne prone skin then do wash with antibacterial face wash. Then apply good moisturiser which helps the oily skin to dry and dry skin to become smoother. Allow it to dry for few minutes, so that it blends with your skin well. Now your face is ready for doing mineral makeup.

Step Two: Apply mineral foundation
Know about your skin tone and depth and then choose the mineral foundation accordingly to suit your skin tone. I would recommend you to choose neutral and earthy colors which gives your a fresh look. To apply foundation use kabuki brush and pour the little amount of foundation on the lid. Now swirl a small amount of foundation onto the brush and tap off any excess. Apply as thin layers and while applying, use it in a circular motions over your entire face which in due course, will warm up the minerals and gives you a flawless finish. Allow couple of minutes, so that it sets well.

Step Three: Mineral Blush
Choose your choice of shade and use the same method as above on brush and start to apply from your cheeks. If you would like to enhance other parts of your face like chin, forehead and nose, dust with slightest feathery strokes.

Step Four: Mineral Eye Shadow, mascara and brow dust
First choose the color of eye shadow based on occasion. You can use your creativity to make your own colors by mix and match the mineral makeup and apply as required by using the eye shadow brush. Use dark colors on the lid and light shades under brow line. To enhance brows avoid using brow pencils and use mineral brow dust which gives natural look. If you want to give a face lift, keep the brows arched. To apply mineral mascara, take a small brow brush and apply it gently on your lashes to have a finishing look.

Step Five: Mineral Bronzer
Mineral Bronzer is used to treat the sun-kissed areas such as nose tips, forehead, chin and shoulders. Take small amount of mineral bronzer on kabuki brush and apply starting from your hairline towards your cheek and apply on the areas on desired level.

Step Six: Mineral Setting Powder
After getting that perfect look you want, now it's time to go for mineral setting powder and apply it in the same way as you did for foundation. Mineral setting powder is used to avoid melting of makeup and it holds for longer time. Do concentrate on your T-zone, nose and cheeks. To finish up end with lip liner and lipstick of your choice to suits your makeup.

By now you should look amazing with natural beauty and ready to face the day or evening on any occasions without any irritations of skin. So those who haven't tried, do mineral makeup and feel the difference.

Already tried mineral makeup, What do you think? What mineral makeup brands or products do you prefer? Share your views and comments below. Let us know!


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