Books by Ray Bradbury: A list of noted works

Ray Bradbury, the 91 years old sci-fi author, passed away on June 5, 2012. Here is a list of books by Ray Bradbury including Ray Bradbury’s novels, short stories and essays.

Fahrenheit 451 (Ray Bradbury), science fictionThe books of Ray Bradbury have always been best sellers in the genre of science fictions, such a widely loved author he was. While Ray Bradbury’s science fiction novels fetched him wide acclaim, he was also equally skilled in writing short stories, essays, plays, teleplays, and a plethora of poems. The life of Ray Bradbury was completely devoted to the service of literature. Here is a list of best Ray Bradbury books, which includes some of his most famous fictions and novellas.

Ray Bradbury, Now and Forever (Somewhere a band is playing & Leviathan ’99)

Now and Forever by Ray Bradbury is a collection of two of his short novels or novellas, entitled Somewhere a band is playing and Leviathan ’99. In his official website, these two novellas are described as each distinctly different, yet uniquely Bradbury-demonstrating the breathtaking range of the master’s talent and the irrepressible vitality of his mind, spirit, and heart.

In Somewhere a Band Is Playing, Ray Bradbury draws a writer from his world of dreams and poesy to Summerton, a weird place in Arizona, where the inhabitants never seem to grow old. The plot of Ray Bradbury’s Somewhere a Band Is Playing is centred around the journey of the protagonist writer, who is enchanted by the rural charms and the enigma of a Egyptian queen’s namesake lady. Unfortunately, his quest to unfold the mysteries of Summerton is cut short by a ruthless destruction that recalls the ancient Greek Nemesis. In Leviathan ’99, Ray Bradbury tells the story of 2099 CA, when the astronaut Ishmael Hunnicut Jones boarding the Cetus 7, chasing a celestial monster. The collection actually shows how despite his mortal death, Ray Bradbury will continue to live in the heart of science fictions readers, now and forever.

Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury’s best science fiction

Ray Bradbury published Fahrenheit 451 five decades ago and yet the popularity of this magnum opus have hardly decreased. It shows a society where books are burnt, along with the houses where they are hidden. The fireman, Guy Montag, never questioned his job until he met a girl who told that in the past, people were not afraid; and a professor, who told him that in the coming days, people would be able to think. As the Washington Post had reviewed it, Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 is really a chilling work about a dystopian society.

Dandelion Wine, Ray Bradbury’s semi autobiographical personal work

In Dandelion Wine, Bradbury recollects the cherished memory of a bygone golden era in a deeply personal tone and semi-autobiographical narrative so uncommon in his popular science fictions. In that sense, this moving narration of a small town in summer 1928 distinctively stands out from the Bradbury literary canon. The plot of Dandelion Wine revolves around the twelve years old protagonist, Douglas Spaulding from Green Town, Illinois. Somewhat Joycean in tone, the narrative moves along as Douglas discovers the summer in different meanings and forms.

Some more notable novels, poems, short stories & essays by Ray Bradbury

  • Farewell Summer - The sequel to Dandelion Wine, taking the story another year ahead.

  • Bradbury Speaks - A collection of differently thought and constructed essays that portrays the author in his own words.

  • The Homecoming - A science fiction by Ray Bradbury about a family get-together of vampires.

  • The Martian Chronicles - Discover the author colonizing the Mars which becomes a metaphor for dreams and aspirations.

  • Something Wicked This Way Comes - Few American novels in the 20th century are as much loved by the readers as Bradbury’s Something Wicked. What do you call it, a science fiction, or a dark poetry?

  • The October Country - It is a country of imaginations and concepts that includes several places; a Mexican village, a city under the city, a carnival. Virginian-Pilot and Ledger-Star has truly described it as a dark compendium of tales.

Other works by Ray Bradbury include The Cat’s Pajamas, Death Is a Lonely Business, I Sing the Body Electric!, A Sound of Thunder and Other Stories, From the Dust Returned, Driving Blind, Let’s All Kill Constance, Quicker Than the Eye, One More for the Road and so on.


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