Awesome startup guide for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In this article, I am producing a startup guide for Search Engine Optimization. This article helps know about search engine optimization and its work done for every search results.

What is SEO?

SEO is Search Engine Optimization. It mainly deals with keywords and websites related to search engine. Visitors will have the habit of visiting websites for searching informations. When the visitor enters the keyword, the search engine produces its related web results. The high traffic and good informative website will get on top of the search list. It is because those websites will have the relevant information with the keywords. There is ranking for those websites to get on top when compared with other sites. It is a web marketing technique used by the Search Engine Optimization. SEO helps to get traffic to the websites and make them to get top ranking. Visitors will be able to view best sites for the information which they are searching for.

Hidden Library inside Search Engine

Every search engine has its own library to access its database. But it will be hidden for all the visitors view. When the visitor enters keyword in the search engine, those keywords will be gathered in the library. In library, the visitor's keyword will be searched inside the database. The websites will be fetched from the database which has the respective keywords. Those websites will be displayed on the web results. All the process will be processed on the backend of the Search Engine.

SEO Searching Algorithm

There were several algorithms to be followed in SEO.
1. Words
2. Titles
3. Links
4. Words in link
5. Reputation

Unique contents are more flexible in a webpage. Visitor's view of information should be attracted. Words are the biggest part in search engine. Every search engine picks up good informative websites which has the quality contents in its page. That will make the website to reach top of the search page.

Titles are the most important part in the search engine database. When the visitors search for a keyword in search engine, library which filters keywords in the database and fetch the relevant websites and displays in the search page.

Linking one or more web pages is the most important thing should be followed in the websites. Visitors should be convenient to read the informations given in the websites. The quality contents and the webpage design should be attracting user's mind.

Gathering all the information and producing in a page is reputation. All the actions performing over library is one sort of reputational work in the search engine.

Types of SEO

There were several types followed in SEO.
1. On Page Optimization
2. Link Binding

On Page Optimization

In this type there were several steps to be considered in mind. Title tag, Meta tag, description tag, xml sitemaps, image, alt tag, anchor text, URL optimization are the important steps to be followed in page optimization.

Title tag:
As mentioned earlier title is the most important part of the website. Title tag should be mentioned as Title Name. It is the major part of SEO. Title will be mentioned as bold and underlined characters in the search list. Title should not be exceeding more than 7 words. The content quality is more important to get high traffic in SEO.

Meta Description Tag:
This tag is more important for websites to get high traffic. The keywords placed in the articles or websites will be reached to the visitors only through these Meta tags. The contents placed in the Meta tag will be displayed in the search list of web page.

XML sitemaps:
Xml sitemaps is an xml file that makes the URL of the site to be placed in the search engine. Sitemaps makes the webmaster to view all the activities done in the websites. Some activities like updating, editing the page, visitor's activity, viewing page, rating, etc are done in this section. Steps to be followed in sitemap:
• Create sitemap on the respective search engine
• XML file will be generated
• Copy the xml file
• Paste the xml file in your website source code
• Process gets completed.

It is a type of file which is used in website creation. Search engine will always analyze the sites for indexing the crawling. Robots.txt is meant for user asking the search engine not to enter or visit into particular pages or contents in a particular website. It is must to creating Robots.txt in websites. It is because the search engines always update the websites and it will be indexed in the respective sites. By having Robots.txt it could be prevented by not to review some pages or contents while updating.

Images & Alt text:
In SEO, images are the most important part. Images give more traffic in search engines. The suitable name for an image gives better traffic in search engine. Visitors have a habit of searching the keyword for information. But they were not familiar about images. Even in search engine, visitors can search the keyword for images. There is an alt text using for images. Alt text is used to make understand about images in search engine. For example, the description about alt tag is alt="text to be written". This would be added in image tag and represented as <img src="image-alt.jpg" alt="image alt"/>. Like this it will be represented.

Anchor text:
Anchor text is simply refers to make up a link. In some sentences the cursor moves up as hand symbol. That word refers as a link and if click made on that link it opens a webpage. Anchor text is most important part in SEO. It makes the websites to get highly ranked in search engine. The advantage of anchor text is jumping from one page to another page.

URL optimization:
The name of the webpage is URL. It should be containing unique keyword related to the topic of the page. In SEO, URL optimization is more important to rank the page. Ranking part done by search engine. Mainly URL should not be lengthier. There should be strictly follow the rules for creating websites. URL should contain less than 7 words. It should be related with the keywords.

Link Building

Link Building is one of the parts of SEO. It has various varieties follows in the development of SEO. Some of them are Blog creation, Social bookmarking, Search engine submission, Article submission, Forum posting, Classified submission, Report analysis and Keyword analysis.

Blog Creation:
Blogs are promoted as a SEO tool. Blog creation is one of the biggest parts in SEO. Blogs should be created with a unique topic. When a new blog is created, there should be articles related to the unique topic presented in blog. Topics may have related with general or technology categories. The spider networks deals with these kinds of activities in blog. Publishing articles through spiders are more highlighted in search engine optimization.

Social Bookmarking:
In SEO, Social Bookmarking is a method used to access the Internet. Bookmarking the links makes easy to fetch the sites. It is used for ranking the sites depends upon aggregating the contents displayed in sites. The bookmark can be displayed in favorites section. When the link added into the favorite section it could be easy to pick up with the users convenient.

Search Engine Submission:
Every website should be submitted in respective search engines after it is created. The search engine will evaluate the website for its quality and respective content formation presented. After the evaluations, the website will be added into search engine database. The search engine will service the website URL every time and displays its results.

Article Submission:
Websites and blogs are belongs to the article submission. Articles should be placed on through these sections. There must be some rules and regulations proceeding onto article submission. Article topic should be unique and qualified contents. There should not be more than 7 words should be in a title. Categories should be selected depends upon the topic. There should give summary about the article. Atleast 200 words should be summarized about the article. Then most important part is description. The entire informations should be displayed onto the description part. If there is any image to be produced, then that image should be uploaded and embedded in the given blog or spider sites. The Embedded link should be copied and pasted onto the description part. The tags should be produced in the article. The good keywords should be produced in the article, so that in search engine it will be easy to fetch the article through the keyword.

Forum Posting:
In every website there will be forum section for the visitors use. Visitor views the article and displays his thoughts about the site and information in forum section. Forum is nothing but raising questions and responding answers in website. Forum section uses as feedback for the site. It helps the performance of the website for better use.

Classified Submission:
Classified Submission is one of the important tools used in SEO. It was handed by a webmaster. It helps to review the product all over the world. The needs and requirements of the classified submission will deals with the websites. Webmasters will promote this tool for the products review. The requirements of the product will be displayed to the world. It deals with marketing the product and service required. Through this tool, the websites will get into more traffic and popular in the world.

Report Analysis:
Report Analysis tool is one of the important tools in SEO. The name itself describes about this tool. This tool produces a report regarding over a page or website in SEO. It completely analyzes and gives the report regarding errors about a page or website. This tool helps to rectify and change the errors. This report analysis tool has many varieties of options during its functions. It has many segments to deal with domain, page, traffic, link structure and diagnosis.

Keyword Analysis:
Keyword Analysis helps to get a good traffic condition in SEO. Producing few keywords helps to find high traffic contents in search engine. The strategy will variate depends upon the keywords. Valuable keywords will get into top 10 lists of search engine with highly traffic rankings. This tool is fully based on these criteria. To make the results in top order and high traffic rankings, keyword analysis tools are spreaded over search engines.


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