Are "Free App A Day" Applications Worth Your Time

Free App o the Day is one of the latest application where we get a free app into our smart Android Phone. But for many people it is just a crap that disturbs them daily and for some it goes into useful side. So here is an article on this Free App a Day either it is really worth or not.

Most people today have abandoned the older model of the cellular (i.e. Flip phones) for the smart phone. While the iPhone 5 promises new updates that are sure to wow, the big feature many are talking about is not in or on the phone - it's what can be downloaded onto the phone.

Every year thousands of Applications help to make our lives easier, and let's face it, they're lots of fun too. Included in these applications is an app called "Free App A Day" or (FAD). It is a wonderful option for those who have a smart phone but don't have the means to purchase paid apps. But are FADS truly worth your time?

What are FADS

Briefly, for those that don't know, FAD is an app that lets a limited number of consumers use full free applications that are available on smart phones market place. Initially marketed as a way to give smart phone application developers exposure, it was meant to help later sell applications and spread word of mouth. The programme can be extremely useful, as it can give away full versions of games like "Stupid Zombies" (a favorite Puzzle game), "Disney's Where's My Water" and even office products like Open Office. (Open Office is free on a desktop or laptop, but this premium version it gives users more options).

Why FADS may not be such a great idea

Even though you are getting a good deal on some of the applications, the downside is most of the time:
• A. the app given is not the one you would've chosen for yourself (and are probably not even interested in)

• B. You are not getting the Kobe Bryant of applications, but rather the local high school tryout apps.

• Very rarely does the Kobe come out but when it does, it's usually a big deal.

• You often find out that apps like popular music creation software "GarageBand" were given away for free for just one day - and you missed the opportunity to download it.

FADS are not geared to serve the customer

You will become a fan, without a doubt, having found some real jewels on FAD that, in any other circumstance you may never have thought twice about buying.

Your biggest problem may be that just like the phone, the developers have made the software a cash cow - just a smaller cash cow. Most of the applications are built so that as soon as you're finished with a certain number of levels (or need to use the application for a certain feature) a nice message pops up that says something like: This feature is only available to premium users.

It is deceptive to hype the general public, if only for the fact that in the middle of use you can be met with messages asking to pay to continue.

The bottom line is FAD is great for the introduction of new apps and can entertain most new smartphone users. It provides games and office material and keeps you from wading through thousands of applications which are duplications and (sometimes) improvements upon other failed apps. Just don't be fooled, they are not all free and may come with fees later – once you're well and hooked. Have you tried FADs


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