Comparison between Android Vs iPhone

A comparison has been made between iPhone and Android based on their features, usability, customization and other characteristics, A final conclusion can be made to justify which one is better iphone or Android, see details.

As many people prefer to enter into the market of Smartphones every day, the issue of whether to purchase iPhone or Android phone occurs. With the distribution of iPhones to major mobile phone providers, the decision has become extremely confusing. During the days when iPhone was only an AT&T phone, there was simple option to decide whether AT&T is viable alternative or not. But in today's modern landscape, you will have array of options to confuse you. Fortunately, there are expert who tested and used many devices and they are ready to share their vital suggestions with you.

Difference in features available with Android and iPhone

The important point to consider is that Android is an operating system and it is not a cell phone manufacturer. This lead lot of people to confusion while making decision of which phone to select. Several comparisons done on internet put iPhone up against other less comparable device which run Google Android OS. Some also claim that iPhone is leader while few people stick to opposite opinion. As a matter of fact, there are varieties of cell phones which run Android and not formed equally. The right alternative while making comparison is to look at Android phones which are similar price range of iPhone. By considering this step you can make sure that the analysis is right and it directly compares features provided by these two devices.

Flexibility and usability offered by Android and iPhone

The key difference between Android Smartphone and iPhone is that former are open source market which are influenced by Google while latter is controlled by Apple. This rigid control results in higher cost, exclusivity and higher dependency on Apple. As a result of that iPhone is completely polished and refined device that everyone desires of using. On the other hand, Android phones are highly flexible, they support advanced hardware features and work with Gmail very easily. That's the reason why considering the features and usability, they are better than iPhone. The hardware and outbound feature difference should not be the only reason to select Android device over an iPhone.

The Retina Display of iPhone is one of the stunning screens available in the market on any other device. Practically there is no comparison of Android device with the pixels which are jammed in screen of Apple. Though a novice Smartphone user cannot notice this, it can be distinguished when the devices are compared side by side. Currently, most of the Android devices provide large screens which are preferable while consuming media.

Customization in iPhone and Android

When we talk about customization, Android really outperforms Apple, which is really a big deal for most of the intelligent Smartphone users. There is something about the device that looks and gives feeling very similar to the Smartphone available in the market. Each iPhone looks and offers feature very similar, while delivering the realistic user experience. There are some good as well as bad things to consider about the harmonized approach which is designed for better user interaction. As far as new Smartphone user is concerned, they may get attracted towards the simplicity that comes while using iPhone. But if someone is technical savvy and know how to handle multiple features, an Android phone can give him more personalized experience.

Which is better Android or iphone - Final verdict

The bottom line is that, selection out of these two major operating systems is more personal issue and that's why it is more confusing. That is the reason why many people give advice that a novice Smartphone user should choose an iPhone. On the other hand, users who have some affection towards technical part can purchase an Android. No matter what device you choose in today's time, carrying Smartphone has become real need in this society. The Apple iPhones seem to be locked up and restricted while Android platform is going to be big thing when it comes to the smart phones.

It will be interesting to see the clash of the titans, though — the competition between the Google Android Jelly Bean 4.1 based Google Nexus 7, and the Apple iOS based iPhone 5. What's going to be your choice? Write to us, and ask your friends!

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Its image analysis is perfectly possible on a number of other smart phones. Cool software though. Be great if my phone recognised that my 2 year old daughter was using it and locked out dialing.

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