Google Nexus 7 Review : Features that inspire awe

Google Nexus 7 features Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS, amazing user interface, a great body and awesome looks. Read this Google Nexus 7 review to find out more specifications, details and pros and cons of Google Nexus 7. See what's under the bonnet!

Google Nexus 7 features a buttery smooth user interface, quad core processor, 1280×800 resolution IPS display (higher than both the tablets of Amazon and Barnes & Noble) — thing that you could have hardly imagined to have in a $199 tablet. Amazon's Kindle Fire also comes in $199, but it definitely lacks the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean empowered, amazingly smooth user interface. Sounds cool? Keep reading this Google Nexus 7 review to find out more about its specifications like body, operating system, processor, camera, connectivity and so on.

Google Nexus 7: Specifications you were waiting for!

Before Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, the previous versions of Android like Ice Cream Sandwich or Honeycomb had a big thorn in the flesh. They were often slower and less smooth user interface in comparison to Apple iOS. Some tablet users, therefore, often preferred Apple iPad 3 to Asus Transformer Prime, the latter using Android 3.2 Honeycomb. With Nexus 7, Google seems to have hit the bull's eye; now wonder Casey Johnston has referred to Google Nexus 7 as the Holy Grail of tablets. So far, Google's hardware partners like Asus did not have a great business. Google Nexus 7 reviews, however, forecast that Asus, the hardware partner of Google to make Nexus 7, has good fortunes ahead! Anyway, it's time to leave talking poetically and peep into the mundane details of the Google Nexus 7 specifications. Let's begin!

The Body of Google Nexus 7: Light, classy, & comfortable to carry

The body of Google Nexus 7 features a corning glass covered IPS display and a thickness of just 10.45 millimetres. On its rubbery, curved back, there are the slots for speakers, micro-USB port, and headphone jack. In the right hand corner, there is the sleep switch along with the key for sound volume, whereas the NFC sensor is located in the opposite corner, roughly an inch below the pinhole microphone. Overall, we would give the body of Google Nexus 7 a thumb up. There are valid reasons though. The rubbery backside won't let the tablet slip as you hold it, and I believe carrying a Google Nexus 7 is more comfortable than the Amazon Kindle Fire or Apple iPad 3. It is lighter, too. The weight of Google Nexus 7 is 340 grams or 11.99 ounces, which means it is about 73 grams or 2.6 ounces lighter than the Amazon Kindle Fire. You will just feel like holding a book in your hand, rather than holding a tablet computer.

Nevertheless, the body of Google Nexus 7 has its drawbacks too. The keyboard of Google Nexus 7, in the landscape mode, does not split like that of iPads to come closer to the user's fingers. While Google should work on improving this shortcoming, typing in Nexus 7 landscape is definitely not much enjoyable. For the portrait mode, however, there is no problem. Also, I do not like the dimple backside of Google Nexus 7; it might be an aesthetic choice but simply it doesn't look great for me. Choices differ, though. Anyway, the dimply back of Nexus 7 can be great to hide soiling resulting from unclean fingers at times.

The screen and display of Google Nexus 7 are its main strengths

Google Nexus 7 review, features and specificationsGoogle Nexus 7 comes with a 7" screen size and a 1280×800 IPS display, and at a base price of $200 you shouldn't expect more, I think! Even if you are friend of the person owning the tablet and looking straight at it, you won't have a problem reading the text in the screen. The screen is quite evenly lit, and within a 30–40° angle from either side, the display of Google Nexus 7 is as clear as the head-on view. There's a noticeable change in the color temperature, too. The previous tablets with earlier versions of Android like the Asus Transformer Prime sometimes rendered the color too warm or harsh, and this led many users to switch over to the Retina Display of Apple iPad 3. The color rendering in the Google Nexus 7 display is relatively cooler and the text looks crisp. If you go for a comparison between Google Nexus 7 and MacBook Pro, we do not see any significant difference in terms of screen, display, and color. If you compare Google Nexus 7 with Amazon Kindle Fire, you will find the smallest text display in Nexus 7 are smaller than that of Kindle Fire; if you have good eyes, you will have to turn the pages less frequently.

Jelly Bean, the OS of Nexus 7, is already an industry buzz!

Google's new version of Android called the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean has already created a buzz in the industry. It will incorporate greater and faster user interface, 60 frames per second animation speed, finger touch anticipation and Google Now — features that are expected to help Google Nexus 7 getting an upper hand over its competitors. With the VSync and Triple Buffering techniques, the Project Butter has really made the Jelly Bean an awe inspiring mobile operating system. Thus, apart from a keyboard lag, everything is blinking fast in the new Nexus 7. Check out what's new in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean that you will have as the operating system of Google Nexus 7.

Performance of Google Nexus 7: Nothing can be questioned about the performance of Google Nexus 7, especially when you would like to purchase a tablet as cheap as $199. Empowered with a 1.3 GHz Tegra 3 quad core processor, 1 GB RAM, and a 12 core NVIDIA GPU you cannot expect nothing more from a 7" tablet so moderately priced.

Google Nexus 7 camera failed to meet expectations

Yes. In terms of camera, Google Nexus 7 was expected to better. Perhaps the software giants of Mountain View compared Google Nexus 7 to Amazon Kindle Fire only, as the latter has no camera at all. Google Nexus 7 comes with a 1.2 mega-pixel front camera, but even the camera of iPad 2 is quite better, leave alone iPad 3. If Google has to compete with Apple iPad Mini, they need to work on the camera of Google Nexus 7 which fails to meet expectations during video calls. Fortunately, there is a camera launcher for Google Nexus 7 in Google Play. It improves the situation, but still the Google Nexus 7 front camera quality is nothing extraordinary.

Battery life? Google Nexus 7 is tough to beat!

Google Nexus 7 launch at Google I/O 2012If you want it straight, here is it — the battery life of Google Nexus 7 is excellent. Just excellent. It comes with a 4325 mAh battery, capable of 9 hours of high definition video playback, 10 hours of browsing the web or reading e-books, or 300 hours of stand by time. Google, however, did not clearly mention the settings to avail these results. However, while attempting a thorough Google Nexus 7 review, did a wonderful experiment regarding the battery life of Google Nexus 7. They tried out various combinations putting WiFi on and off, brightness and volume higher and lower an so forth. In a nutshell, what they concluded is

  • Watching films with WiFi on, cent percent brightness and volume — 9 hours and 15 mins. Putting Wifi off makes negligible differences.

  • Watching films with Wifi on, brightness and volume 50 percent — 11 hours 10 minutes.

  • Average web browsing, emailing and gaming with WiFi on, 50 percent brightness and volume — 9 and half hours.

  • E book reading with relatively low brightness — 9 hour 45 minutes.

Now, that's really impressive. Few days back when I told a friend about the buttery smoothness of Jelly Bean, improved user interface and 60 FPS animation speed, his instant reaction was — "Whoa! That's going to exhaust the battery quite fast for sure!". Today I called him up and said, man, Google has done a really robust job with the battery life of Google Nexus 7.

And why only the battery life? As you have clearly seen so far in this Google Nexus 7 review, Google has done a pretty robust job all through. Now let's quickly wrap this up by summarizing what we have observed so far.

Conclusion: The pros and cons of Google Nexus 7 tablet

Advantages of Google Nexus 7
  • Excellent body structure. Comfortable to hold and carry around. Light weight.

  • An operating system hitherto unmatched in the history of Android. Jelly Bean is at par with iOS 5 if not better.

  • Buttery smooth performance.

  • Excellent battery life. Period. If you are still not satisfied, go carry car batteries.

  • Great performance with good processor and RAM.

  • Very reasonably priced for a 7" Android tablet. The price of Google Nexus 7 is half of the tablets that have its specifications. The specifications are double of those within a similar price range.

Disadvantages of Google Nexus 7
  • Poor camera while chatting. Even while not chatting, 1.2 MP camera is not a very great thing.

  • Few apps do not look good.

What's your opinion on Google Nexus 7? Review and write to us. We are waiting to read your responses below!


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Does this tab have SD card slot?

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