How to Use a ClamBook: User guide to turn your smartphone into a laptop

ClamCase’s new ClamBook laptop dock is coming soon to maximize your smartphone experience. Explore how to use a ClamCase, review its features, and find out how to use your smartphone like a laptop with ClamBook.

Use a ClamBook! The latest invention from ClamCases that might easily become the best laptop docks for smartphones, ClamBook laptop shell can maximize your smartphone using experience by multiple degrees. Let us find out what is ClamBook laptop dock, review its features and specifications, and learn how to use a ClamBook and connect with smartphone. Keep reading!

Why switch over to ClamBook laptop shells?

Even a decade ago, mobile phones were only luxuries for the rich. These days, even kids have one. Even costly smartphones are no more considered a luxury, but a basic technology requirement. However, the time is here to take the techno boom yet one step forward.

The popularity of smartphones was chiefly built upon their surprisingly vast repertoire of power packed, useful apps. Checking social media websites, checking email, playing games, GPS, BlueTooth - smartphones are almost mini computers. However, there is one problem that hinders them being promoted from mini computers to computers - the size. The small screen, and even smaller keypads are fine for checking mail or Facebook notifications, but are not comfortable enough if you need to write big Word documents or play a lot of games.

In the new ClamBook laptop dock, ClamCase addressed this problem. With ClamBook, users guide their smartphone to be displayed at a laptop shell and thereby enjoy working in a laptop. So, what are the features of ClamBook, and how it works?

ClamBook Laptop Dock: Review of features & specifications

Review of ClamBook Laptop Dock for smartphonesThe ClamBook features specifications that are just similar to that of a laptop apart from the software part. ClamBook laptop dock display size is 13.3 inches, 16:9 HD LED backlit display. It also has a full size keyboard, along with dedicated keys for Android. With a multi touch track pad and three dimensional cinema sound, the ClamBook reviews or revisits the MacBook Air. However, the difference between ClamBook and MacBook Air is that, ClamCase’s new laptop dock is much thinner and slimmer than its predecessor. Thus, compared to a general laptop or notebook, the new ClamBook laptop shell is very light-weight to carry around. In fact, the portability of ClamBook puts it ahead of its alternatives like MacBook Air or Motorola Atrix 4G. We also opine that the looks of ClamBook is way better than Atrix 4G, which looks like an old aluminium box when compared to this.

How does ClamBook laptop dock work, and how to use it?

ClamBook employs Motorola’s Ubuntu based webtop app. You have Firefox, Gmail Web App, and a total file manager to give you a complete experience of a laptop. You might be wondering how to connect ClamBook with smartphone. The keyboard of ClamBook connects to smartphone through BlueTooth. A USB connector shifts the display to the laptop dock. It allows HD video output, and employs MHL technology to provide you with a full screen computing experience. It is not yet quite clear what are the all exact specifications of ClamBook laptop shell and how it works. We need to wait for the launch date of ClamBook laptop dock and get our hands on a unit. The price of ClamBook laptop dock is also not confirmed.

Keep checking Geek Fundas for more updates about ClamBook laptop dock, reviews, full specifications and buying guide - we are keen to publish them soon after the ClamBook laptop dock official release!

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