Bengali Rasagolla History

Story about how the Rasogollas become Bengal's essential sweet dish renowned worldwide

Rasagolla is the renowned sweet dish of Bengal. It has got appreciation all over the world. No one can actually escape from the temptation of eating big spongy Rasagollas. Basically it is a syrupy solution chhana ball. Very spongy and tasty.

Though it is now known as the typical Bengali sweet dish worldwide but it has some other history too. This is very interesting story. Actually it was the dish of Orissa. In Orissa the Rasagollas are brownie colored. It was the time of renaissance when the Brahmin cook from Orissa was given employment to Bengali family, they made their Bengali boss happy by offering them Rasagollas. Then it became an essential sweet dish of Bengal.

In the year of 1868 Nabin Chandra Das mastered this recipe and modified it and it became non-perishable more spongy. Nabin Chandra Das is also known as "Columbus Of Rasagolla".

After the death of father of Rasagolla Nabin Chandra Das or N.C. Das his son K.C. Das got into carry on the work left by his father. K.C. Das then started Rasagollas marketing by canning Rasagollas in different parts of India and world.

Below the method of making Rasagolla is given, but the recipe is only overview. It takes a lot painstaking, skills and care. To let all familiar with Rasagolla making I have given the over view of making it by honestly taking reference of multiple recipe maker.


Plain Flour (Maida)

Sugar Syrup
5 cups sugar
1/2 cup milk
3 cups water

Flour Syrup
3 teaspoons of Plain Flour or Maida
4 cups of water


First take some chhana and by rolling make a ball shape. Rolling must be done carefully so that the ball don't finds any crack on it's surface. Then keep this ball on to a plate and roll the ball on the plate again for dusting the ball. To dust the ball the plate surface must be filled with flour (maida) before rolling.

Now the chhana ball is ready.

Sugar Syrup (Misti Ras)

The combination of Sugar and milk needs to be boiled by adding water. Stir it continuously and make sure the sugar dissolved purely. After a while when the syrup will come to boil it will form a grey layer. At that point of time do not stir or move the pan. Keep this syrup on medium heat temperature for 5 minutes and again add little water by the side of the pan and again keep the syrup in this state for about 10-15 minutes. After that just remove the thick grey layer by spoon. Then again add water and keep it for 10 minutes and remove the grey layer. By doing this second time all possible impurities of sugar will be removed. Then boil it on high flame for 3-5 minutes. Now the syrup is ready.

Flour Solution

Mix flour with water and stir it until it becomes a flour solution.

Making Rasagolla

Take the sugar syrup in a pan and boil it on high flame, when the syrup gets boiled just put some flour solution in the syrup and then put the chhana balls in the syrup very carefully because these chhana balls may develop cracks. After some time again little water by sprinkling in the syrup and let it cook about 20 minutes. Now check by pressing chhana balls if the balls come back to its ball form then the Rasagollas are cooked perfectly.

Now why are you waiting for, go and get it.

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