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Samsung Galaxy Note II release date and price in India

Samsung Galaxy Note II release date has been officially confirmed as August 29. Before the Samsung Galaxy Note II official release date, Samsung Galaxy Note II price in India or USA cannot be confirmed; but at least we can speculate!

Comparison between Android Vs iPhone

A comparison has been made between iPhone and Android based on their features, usability, customization and other characteristics, A final conclusion can be made to justify which one is better iphone or Android, see details.

Successful path for Apple as a Smartphone

Apple and Samsung are the leading Smartphones in the industry. There were lot of company's competition in the industry to reach the desire level. Even though, the top competitors are Apple and Samsung still. Apple introduced its own campaign page to show how Apple iPhone is the best one. Read the article to get to know more.

HTC One launches at AT&T and Sprint- Pre order starts from April 4

Do you want to buy the newly launched HTC one Android cell phone? HTC One will be launched at AT&T and Sprint on April 19 2013 and Pre order starts from April 4. Read more about latest Android premier smartphone HTC one specifications, features, price and availability from here.

Apple I Phone 5S grand new launching in 2013

In this article, I am going to present about Apple I Phone 5S grand new launching in 2013. It was a latest upcoming Smartphone in this year. Here is the benefits and advanced features of the Apple I Phone 5S given more detail in this article.

Nokia announces cheapest mobile phone Nokia 105 in India

Nokia announces the cheapest mobile phone Nokia 105 in India. Mobile phone maker Nokia releases this affordable cell phone for first time buyers. Nokia 105 will be the lowest priced colour screen entry phone in Indian market priced at Rs 1249. Read here to know more about specification and features of the new cheaper and affordable cell phone Nokia 105.

Top 2 lowest android mobile phones - Features and Specifications

This article is about top 2 lowest android mobile phones. I am presented the top 2 android phone's features and specifications in this article. Android operating system is the latest mobile version in India. This is one of the best operating system. Here are some of the lowest price android mobile phones.

Samsung Galaxy S4 – Full Review

Samsung Galaxy S4is the new latest Android Smartphone launched in India. Here is the article about complete review of Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone. Its features and released date information according to worldwide has been presented. The expected price of the mobile is also revealed in this article.

HTC First now available on AT&T for $99

HTC First, the world's first phone with Facebook home now available on AT&T for $99. Are you looking for more information about Facebook Home phone HTC First? Read here to know more about features, specification and availability of HTC First Android Smartphone. HTC First Facebook Phone first launched in US and available at AT&T store.

Top 10 features of Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 is the latest smartphone launched by Samsung. The release of Samsung Galaxy S4 had influenced a lot in the mobile market. The smartphone is loaded with extra cool features like dual camera, group play, air view etc. Read the below article to know more about the features of Samsung Galaxy S4.

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