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Tips for how to do pedicure at home yourself - home foot care process beginners

How to have healthy feet, free from cuts, rough surface, dryness, corns, and cracked heels? By taking good foot care. Taking foot care is not synonymous to spend lavishly at pedicure salons. Doing pedicure at home is easy, and fun. Let me help you know how to do pedicure at home yourself in this step by step beginners guide for home pedicure.

What is latest in Eye Makeup and tips to cover up dark circles

Looking for latest trends in Eye Makeup? Let me guide you on step by step eye makeup techniques and how to cover up dark circles under eyes. Learn how to use concealers, primers, how to apply eye shadows and liners, how to curl your eyelashes. Let me share some eye care tips for beautiful and glowing eyes and check out for tips and techniques in eye makeup to keep you in trends.

Treatment to get rid of Crows feet - First wrinkle of face showing sign of ageing

Do you have crow's feet when smiling? If yes, dont worry it is treatable. Read this article to know more about crow's feet regarding its causes, getting rid of crow's feet, botox for crows feet, best eye cream for crow's feet, preventive measures and treatments, role of sunscreen lotion in preventing crow's feet and many more!

Nail Art Expert Tips: How to do exclusive nail arts at home?

Nails are important beauty elements for women and everyone wants to know how to do fancy nail arts at home at low cost. Explore how you should do nail art at home step by step, precautions needed and other tips for cheap nail art at home. Keep reading!

How to care and fix an artificial acrylic nail?

Acrylic nails, a common type of artificial nails are used in different parts of the world. Here you will get informations like advantages, disadvantages, fixing procedure and price of acrylic nails. Read this article to know more about acrylic nail extensions before you use it.

Top ten saree trends for Navrathri, Durga Puja & Diwali

Want to know what Saree to wear for Navratri, Durga Puja & Diwali celebration? Find out top ten saree trends for Diwali Celebration, what to wear on Durga Puja Pandal hopping and how to look gracious in Navaratri festival.

Top Summer Sundresses trends : Buy your comfort this summer!

A trendy summer sundress is a must for women in the approaching summer. They are cool, comfy, and charismatic! Before you proceed to buy your summer sundress, check out a few necessary things like top summer sundress styles this year, price range, selection guide and so on. Keep reading!

Pageant Gowns: How to choose the best prom evening gowns or cocktail dresses?

A great pageant gown is the most powerful to look amazing at a cocktail evening, prom night or beauty pageant. Evening gowns differ greatly in colors and shapes, so you must know how to choose the best prom evening or pageant gowns. This article will teach you how to look prettier in select pageant evening gowns.

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