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Best yoga and exercises recommended for IT professionals

IT professionals are sitting long hours in front of computer cause stress around eyes, shoulder, spinal cord region. Doing simple types of yoga will keep fit.Here some simple but effective yogas are recommended for IT professionals and even for other person having sedentary lifestyle.

Review of Women's horlicks - Ingredients and benefits

Women Horlicks is a protein substitute and is recommended for every women especially those having a very hectic schedule and living a very stressful life.It has necessary vital nutrients required for carrying out day to day activities. Here is detail ingredients of Women horlicks and a review mentioning its benefits.

Human awareness for good health

As the human tendency is not caring for silly things, at the end it facing with big problems. That is the human tendency. Here I am going to give some of the basic awareness to make everyone be aware of it in their day-to-day life.

How to maintain our health by protecting yourself

In this article, I presented how to maintain our health by protecting yourself. This article will help you to measure what are the needs and responsibilities should follow for good health. More detailed information regarding daily measures for good health had given in this article.

Working process of meditation in human life

Are you not aware of meditation? Here is the article producing the methods and functions of meditation for human life. Human beings are working harder in equal to machines. But they were not being aware of their health. Meditation process will take out all the problems occurring in human body. It keeps him good and well. More about meditation are given in this article.

Herbal products for Treating Diabetes Effectively

Use of herbs in the treatment of diabetes is not new; it has been done since many years. Many scientific experiments and testing are been done which proved their efficiency for diabetes treatment. They are non-toxic, easily available and cause less side effects as compared to the allopathic drugs. Let us examine the uses of few of them!

How ABO blood group is determined?

There are several blood groups but important group considered is ABO blood group and Rh factor. Many of us get confused while determining blood group of our child. Here is the simple way how to determine ABO blood group.

What is Common Cold, its causes and signs & symptoms?

Common cold is a viral infection caused by number of viruses.It is mostly a droplet infection spread through coughing and sneezing. The disease is often harmless and self limiting i.e. get well on their own with a week symptoms like coughing, sore throat or headache which require symptomatic treatment. The common cold is a most common infectious disease involving adults, children and infants.

Coffee intake can reduce blood sugar and risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Most of us like drinking coffee wouldn't it be wonderful if it could prevent diabetes. Recent researches have suggested that coffee can inhibit the polypeptide responsible for the cause of diabetes. Caffeine contains the anti-diabetic compounds that can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Gastric bypass - An effective treatment of obesity and diabetes

Obesity is considered as major cause behind diabetes mellitus. Obesity is caused due to overeating mainly. Certain people suffer from habit of overeating and this is because of increased size of their stomach. A surical intervention in order to decrease the size of stomach can be effective in controlling overeating and hence the obesity and diabetes as well.

Iron deficiency anemia in pregnancy and its complications

Anemia is the most common nutritional deficiency in the world and its prevalence in developed & developing countries is more than 50%. In India the incidence of anemia is highest in the world and common in pregnant women and pre-school going children. Iron deficiency anemia is due to improper dietary iron & poor bio availability of dietary iron.

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