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Meta Descriptions: how to write a meta description of ideal length?

How to write a good meta description? Confused about the ideal meta description length? Find out why you'll need to write a good meta description, and how. See the logic behind different lengths of meta descriptions. Explore what the geeks are saying. Writing an ideal meta description is not that tough!

The story behind

In this post, I will discuss how and why I started my blog, even though I own more than 50 websites and some of which are getting millions of impressions every month.

How to get Google PR3 in 6 weeks - a case study

Google PR lost its charm long ago, but I still consider it as one of several factors when I judge a website. If you are a webmaster and like to learn how to reach Google PR 3 within few weeks after starting a new website, learn this case study.

Bug in Google+ - page title repeats in the Google+ share

We have been using the +1 button and Google+ Stream to share our web pages in Google+. Unfortunately, all of the article pages we share comes up with the title repeated twice. Find what causes this problem and what is the work around.

Google released AdSense Management APIs

have you been looking for ways to find out how to programmatically retrieve your revenue report or find other information from your AdSense account? Here is the good news for you.

How to link Google+ page to your website

Webmasters are excited with the announcement of Google+ pages for business. Like many others, I too went ahead and created few webpages for my websites. But how does Google figure out which is the official Google+ Page of your website? Learn how to connect your Google+ Page to your website and let Google know about it.

This time Facebook annoyed me

This is an interesting article describes how I was annoyed by the poor service of Facebook, at mid night. I can see who are all online, but I can't chat. They said it is some technical problem, but I was annoyed, greatly.

How to customize the size of Google+ badge

Google recently introduced Google+ badge which you can place on websites to show the number of +1s your site received. Are you looking for ways to customize the Google+ badge and adjust the length, width and height? Read this post.

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