• How to reach Divine Euphoria Farm land in Kanakapua
    If you are looking for information on how to reach Divine Euphoria Farm land vacation destination near Bangalore, read this post. Today I am on my third visit to Divine Euphoria at Kanakapura.
  • RedBus.In coupons: promotional offers, coupon codes and discounts
    I just booked a bus ticket through RedBus.in. I found a lot of promotional offers, coupons and discounts are available from RedBus. If you are looking for a coupon code for RedBus.in booking, read this post.
  • How to customize the size of Google+ badge
    Google recently introduced Google+ badge which you can place on websites to show the number of +1s your site received. Are you looking for ways to customize the Google+ badge and adjust the length, width and height? Read this post.
  • How to get a verified badge and vanity URL for your Google+ Page
  • Rel=publisher and rel=author - which will take precedence?
    We just learned what happens if both rel=publisher and rel=author markups are used at the same time in a web page. Read more to find out how it works at the same time.
  • Bug in Google+ - page title repeats in the Google+ share
    We have been using the +1 button and Google+ Stream to share our web pages in Google+. Unfortunately, all of the article pages we share comes up with the title repeated twice. Find what causes this problem and what is the work around.
  • How to sign up for Google+ Platform Preview and beta programs
    Do you like to get latest updates on Google+ and want to try out new features before others see them? Here is an opportunity to sign up for the beta program, which is called Google+ Platform Preview.
  • Rel=publisher - is it a standard HTML markup or valid meta tag?
    Google recently introduced the Google+ Pages, which can be connected with the websites using the rel=publisher html markup. But is it an industry standard? Learn where does the rel=publisher markup / meta tag fit in the HTML 5 standards.
  • Reviews on 69 Seconds restaurant at Sarjapura Road, Bangalore
    Are you a food lover and looking for great places to eat in Bangalore? Here is my quick review on the 69 Seconds restaurant in Bangalore.
  • How to get Google PR3 in 6 weeks - a case study
    Google PR lost its charm long ago, but I still consider it as one of several factors when I judge a website. If you are a webmaster and like to learn how to reach Google PR 3 within few weeks after starting a new website, learn this case study.
  • This time Facebook annoyed me
    This is an interesting article describes how I was annoyed by the poor service of Facebook, at mid night. I can see who are all online, but I can't chat. They said it is some technical problem, but I was annoyed, greatly.
  • How to use rel=publisher and rel=author at the same time for a webpage
    If you try to use both rel=author and rel=publisher markups at the same time in a webpage, you will get the error: Error: Both rel=publisher and rel=author are present on the page, we only verify rel=author link for this case. Learn more about this error.
  • How to link Google+ page to your website
    Webmasters are excited with the announcement of Google+ pages for business. Like many others, I too went ahead and created few webpages for my websites. But how does Google figure out which is the official Google+ Page of your website? Learn how to connect your Google+ Page to your website and let Google know about it.
  • UB City - luxury shopping mall to visit in Bangalore
    Are you looking for interesting places to kill time on a Friday evening? UB City in Bangalore is a great place to spend an evening, have a great dinner or just shop some luxury items for your better half. Read more to find out what you can do at UB City, Bangalore.
  • How to choose the right business entity type for you in India?
    If you are planning to start a company or a partnership firm in India, it is important to choose the right business type. Proprietorship, partnership, LLP and Private Limited Company - which one is the right option for you? Learn more here.
  • Types of business entities in India
    Are you planning to start a company in India? Learn what are the types of business entities and companies in India. It is important to choose the right business type before you register the business.
  • Compare Nokia Lumia 710 and Lumia 800 Windows Phones
    Lumia 710 and Lumia 800 are the latest Windows Phones from the mobile phone giant Nokia. Both the phones will be launched in India. In this post, I am comparing Nokia Lumia 710 and Nokia Lumia 800 phones.
  • Nokia Lumia 710 and Lumia 800 - latest Windows phone from Nokia coming to India
    Are you looking for a cool, new Windows Phone? Here comes Nokia Lumia 800. Read more about the upcoming release of Nokia Lumia 800 in India.
  • Get a free Windows Phone from Microsoft India
    Microsoft is offering giving away free Windows Phones to mobile application developers in India. Learn how to get a free Windows Phone from Microsoft India.
  • Prestige induction cooker models: compare versions
    I have been shopping around for an induction cooker. In this post, I will discuss the difference between various versions and models of Prestige induction cookers and which model we ended up buying.
  • Compare Atlona NTSC PAL converter with Com World converter
    If you are bringing a TV from USA or other western countries to India, you will need a NTSC to PAL converter to use the TV in India. In this post, I will compare the Atlona and Com World converters.
  • Candor International school, Bangalore reviews
    Are you looking for information on the International schools in Bangalore? In this post, I am covering extensive details on Candor International School, Bangalore which is one of the excellent international schools in Bangalore area.
  • Google released AdSense Management APIs
    have you been looking for ways to find out how to programmatically retrieve your revenue report or find other information from your AdSense account? Here is the good news for you.
  • Google lies on the status of Google Docs service
    Today I was trying to access the Google Docs and found the service is dead. In this post, I will talk about the service interruptions for Google Docs today.
  • Case study: Changing domain name and re branding a popular website
    Changing domain name of a popular website is a really big challenge for any webmasters. In this post, I will discuss the domain name change for a popular blog and the reversal after couple of days.
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